Enjoy your Surfing Experience at Prasonissi throughout the year, especially, in August!
Enjoy your Surfing Experience at Prasonissi!
August 7, 2017
How to relax and Enjoy your days when staying in Villa Dionysus, in Rhodes.
How to Relax and Enjoy your days in Rhodes
August 29, 2017

5 local foods and drinks of Rhodes and how to find them.

Find the local flavors you must taste when visiting Rhodes.
Greece is a country known for it gastronomy and local delicacies. Each place you visit has some interesting flavors to offer you. It is commonly accepted that the food of a place conveys lots of messages about its locals and their culture.
When visiting the island of Rhodes you are going to find lots of interesting delicacies you can taste and you should do that! They are absolutely mouthwatering!

1. Melekoùni - The traditional Wedding Treat!

Named after the greek word "Meli", meaning "Honey" which is one of the main ingredients of this traditional sweet! Other ingredients are natural sesame, almonds, orange, lemon peel and various spices (depending on the area of Rhodes it is produced). Melekoùni is the traditional sweet of weddings in the island of Rhodes.
Apart from that it is also well know for its nutritious ingredients and the fact that there is no sugar added for its sweet taste. It can be a healthy alternative treat for the people who want a sweet flavor in a healthy way!
You can find the traditional melekouni in many local patisseries of the island, or just at the super market.

2. Pitaroudia - A Traditional Appetizer!

A great way to start your local meal is with some appetizers and one of the best choices to do that here in Rhodes are the pitaroudia! They are made out of chickpeas, tomato and of course with some of the local herbs found here! You can combine them with some local souma! Yummy!
You can taste the local pitaroudia in every traditional restaurant and tavern of the island.

3. Souma - The Traditional Drink!

A dodecanese alternative of ouzo or raki, which is going to amaze you! Depending on the destination, it can be made from figs or grapes. In Rhodes it is mainly made from grape marc and wine, which makes the Rhodian Souma so special.
You will find souma everywhere in restaurants, or even at cafes, but when visiting the island of Rhodes it is also a opportunity to visit a distillery, in order to see how souma is made. A great place to do that is the village of Sianna.

4. Wine - A Traditional Production of Locals!

In Rhodes, is pretty common to find local people producing their own wine, especially at the villages of the place. Most of the traditional local villages, like Emponas, Sianna or Psinthos.
Apart from every other place, you can find traditional local wine at Villa Dionysus, produced from the 400 meters of vineyards, located at the Villa! It is Semisweet red wine, produced by the grapes variety "Amoriano", which we will be happy to enjoy it!

5. Giaprakia - Another Traditional Appetizer!

They are created from Vine Leaves, which are used in order to wrap a stuffing made from mince meat rice and local spices! A common appetizer in Greece, which you can find in Rhodes and especially at the village Salako, prepared in an alternate way!
If you visit the island of Rhodes around the end of August, or at the beggining of September you may be lucky enough to join the fest of Salakos which is dedicated to their local food, giaprakia! Join them and get to meet the flavors and their local tradition at once!

What is important to know!

Most of the local food in Rhodes and in Greece in general are cooked and prepared using olive oil. This is why you will find some of the healthiest and tasty cuisines at our island!
Do not miss the opportunity you have to explore Rhodes through its taste!