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Enjoy your Surfing Experience at Prasonissi!

Enjoy your Surfing Experience at Prasonissi throughout the year, especially, in August!

Located just 21 km and 30 minutes away from Villa Dionysus, is the famous Prasonissi of Rhodes. It is a tiny "island" on the southwestern tip of Rhodes and the favorite choice for those who like to play with the sea and the wind at the same time!

A strip of sand - which in winter is totally covered by the waves - separating the Carpathian Sea in two and joins the Prasonisi with the rest of Island. It is a miracle of nature, because the summer is peninsula and the winter is an island. The beach is long and sandy, with a length of less than 600 meters.

Definitely, Prasonisi is an ideal meeting point for all those adorable windsurf or kite. With two bays forming the right and left of the strip of sand, it always has a stormy and a calm sea.

Because there is a different wave behavior, the windsurfers who come here have given two names features in Prasonisi : "wave" and "flat".

In the «wave» side, the waves are usually a height of 1-3 meters and fixed address and the «flat» side, is an ideal place for  beginners windsurfers.

Apart from that, the two different sides of Prasonisi has made it ideal for different kinds of surf. The wave side is ideal for wave ride, while the flat style is the perfect fit for free style. It is important to mention that the greatest freestylers from all around the world choose the Prasonisi for their practice.

Prasonisi in the August

If you want to combine your vacation with your favorite hobby, Prasonisi in the August is an ideal choice for you! The reason are the warm sea currents that are taking place this time of the year at the Agean Sea and in particular at the Prasonisi area.

In a few words, even if the weather is windy or not throughout August, you will have the ideal conditions to take a ride, the way you like, because the sea will have waves for sure.

Dive in and enjoy!

Even more organized!

It is important to mention that in the past few years Prasonisi has become even more organized given the fact that you have the opportunity to take a shower afterwards!

Well, if you think that you are just 30 minutes away from your fully qualified Villa Dionysus, this will not be an issue for you! Get in your car and take a bath at your own time and luxury!