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August 10, 2017

How to Relax and Enjoy your days in Rhodes

How to relax and Enjoy your days when staying in Villa Dionysus, in Rhodes.

Regardless the way you like to spend your holidays, one thing is for sure: Vacation is always a time to relax and enjoy!


This is why you should choose to visit the island of Rhodes and enjoy your days in this warm environment that has all the conditions to create some long lasting memories that will help you relax all year long.


1. Enjoy the endless blue of the sea.

Rhodes is an island full of long beaches where you can sit and stare at the endless blue of the sea. Did you know that one of the best cure for the eyes is to focus your sight at a wider horizon than that of reading a book or a digital screen, which is the main case at our everyday life? 

When visiting Rhodes, as every other greek island, you have the opportunity to rest your eyes and your brain from your everyday activities. It is totally needed from time to time!

2. Do some Sun Gazing!

In the island of Sun, you should definitely dedicate some time to look directly at it! It is important to know that at the first hour after the sunrise and the last hour before the sunset the rays are safe, so you can spend some seconds to look at the lovely sun!

There are some really important health benefits from Sun Gazing you should know!
  1. It increases the serotonin and the melatonin.
  2. It improves the quality of sleep.
  3. It is an effective fatigue fighter.
  4. It is a good energy booster!
It is important to point out that you should find out some more information about sun gazing and do not overdo it with staring directly at the sun! But if you decide to start your retreat at the island of Rhodes, one thing is for sure. You will get back home full of energy and positive attitude!

3. Have a lovely cocktail by the pool!

Villa Dionysus has a great private pool to host your days and nights! Create your favorite cocktail or beverage and just lay by the pool and let all your thoughts at another place! As we said, your vacation is the best opportunity to relax. Villa Dionysus is the perfect place to do that!

4. Go for a Walk!

Another great way to leave your thoughts behind is to go for a relaxing walk! The island of Rhodes has lots of great paths to follow in the different villages that you will find here! Are you more of a sea enthusiast? Then the lovely beach of Gennadi, located just 2km away from Villa Dionysus is the perfect place for walking and jogging!

5. Experience some traditional culture!

You have decided to visit a different place that that you are living! Experience the different everyday life by doing some things that can only be done here and taste some local food of the island.

Need some ideas? Here are Ten things you MUST do, when visiting the island of Rhodes!

6. Stay to bed up until late!

You are on vacation. There is no need to pressure yourself from getting up really early in the morning! Even if you are an "exercise junky", dedicate some days of your vacation without setting up the alarm to wake you up in the morning.

So, even if you open your eyes, dedicate some time to just relax, clear your mind, stretch your body and feel thankful about the present of spend your vacation at that lovely island and the luxurious environment of Villa Dionysus.

In a few words, do not forget how lucky you are! You are on vacation, you chose a lovely place to spend those moments in luxury, beauty and everything you need and deserve! Just Relax and Enjoy it!