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July 25, 2017
Enjoy your Surfing Experience at Prasonissi throughout the year, especially, in August!
Enjoy your Surfing Experience at Prasonissi!
August 7, 2017

How to have a party by the Pool!

How to have a party by the pool at Villa Dionysus

One of the best ways to enjoy the fact of living on a place with a private pool, is having a party by it! So, in case you took the advantage of booking the Villa Dionysus for your family vacation, it is a great opportunity to organize a pool party!

How can I organize it?

All you have to do is get the food and drinks you are going to need. As you already know, Villa Dionysus is fully equipped with the household appliances you are going to need in order to cook and prepare your meal! Do not also forget the fully organized BBQ place that you are going to find, when staying with us! So it is a good idea to combine the both places and organize a BBQ party by the pool! Now that we have decided the best theme for your celebration let's get to the more technical facts!

Where am I going to find the food and drinks we are going to need?

At the super market which is located in Gennadi, around 3km away from Villa Dionysus! It is the place you are going to find everything you need! There is a meat market, inside the super market, along with the vegetables, the refreshments, beers and everything else you desire! Do you prefer fruits for your dessert? You should know that you are pretty lucky about that! You have 300 square meters of yard, back at Villa Dionysus, to choose plenty of fresh fruit of the season for you and your company! If you are not so sure about what kind of meat you are going to need, do not hesitate to ask the people working there! They will be more than happy to help you in what is the best choice for you and you can cook it! Once you've picked the flavors of your party now you are going to need some music and the best of your cheer to have the best time with your beloved ones! As you can realize on your own, Villa Dionysus is the perfect fit to combine vacation or a weekend getaway with a special moment of your family! Birthdays, anniversaries and everything else you feel that you want to celebrate with your beloved ones! Here's to the special moments of your accommodation at Villa Dionysus! Cheers!