Having a luxury experience at Rhodes. Tips and Tricks!
July 25, 2017

Ten things you MUST do, when visiting the island of Rhodes.

Top ten thing to do i Rhodes island when you visit us this summer.

Every time you decide your next travel destination, you automatically find yourself thinking: So, what are the must-visit places that I should visit?

Rhodes is an island full of those places, but everyone of us travels with the limitation of the specific amount of days that its travel is going to last. This is why, we’ve thought that it would be nice to gather for you the top things to do, when visiting our island.

1. See the sunset.

Rhodes will give you a great opportunity to meet the natural colors of the dodecanese islands. One of the best opportunities to do that is to watch a sunset at the beach. Either you are with your special someone or just with your friends it will be an unforgettable experience for you.

2. See the sunrise.

In case you are able to wake up and do your morning exercise accompanied with the natural colors we’ve mentioned before!

3. Get yourself lost at the Old Town.

The Old Town a.k.a. Medieval City, is the oldest inhabited medieval settlement in Europe. You are about to meet a place where exquisite beauty and the history of the island create a wonderful experience for every visitor.

The best way to enjoy it is to let yourself to get lost at the paths of the Old Town. Don’t worry! At the end you will find your way out, or you can just ask the locals! They will be more than happy to help you!

4. Drink some souma!

Souma is a traditional drink, like ouzo or raki. Depending on the destination, it can be made from figs or grapes. When visiting the island of Rhodes, it is also a good opportunity to visit a distillery, in order to see how souma is made. A great place to do that is the village of Sianna.

Either you decide to visit a distillery or not, you can taste souma in every other place of the island.

5. Eat the traditional wedding treat of Rhodes, the Melekoùni.

Melekouni is a traditional sweet, that people offer in weddings and christenings. Apart from that, melekouni is also well known for its nutritious ingredients. It is made from aromatic thyme honey, natural sesame, almonds, orange and lemon peel and various spices (depending on the area), free of sugar. It is soft, with a balanced taste of all of its ingredients.

6. Visit a Traditional village.

It is really possible that you have correlate the island of Rhodes with its long beaches and the clear blue waters. This is true, but did you know that there are also great traditional villages up in the hills?

The villages of Rhodes are full of great views, picturesque squares and lovely local flavors! You will find delicious local honey, wine and meat. Some of the most famous villages of Rhodes are Sianna, Monolithos, Psinthos and Apollona.

7. Do some island hopping.

If you are planning to stay for more than five days at the island of Rhodes, there are great options of small islands that are found in about 1-2 hours away with a boat.

There are many stations in Rhodes where you will find information and tickets to visit Symi and Chalki. Seize the opportunity and you will get awed by the lovely dodecanese views and the colors.

8. Dedicate a day to visit the southern Rhodes.

Southern Rhodes is really famous for the villages of Lindos, Pefkous and the Prasonisi. There are many places in between them, so it is totally worth it to dedicate a whole day to visit all of them. One of those places is also Gennadi, where you will also find Villa Dionysus.

9. Relax at the beach.

You are on your summer holidays and you are in a greek island, full of long beaches and crystal blue waters. You definitely want to take advantage of that and just relax. You with it!

10. Visit the castles of Rhodes.

Being the meeting point of three continents, the island of Rhodes needed a plan to defend in the past. The outcome of this plan is the castles that someone can find while wandering in the island.

While there were used to be more castles in the island, some of them were ruined throughout the years, but there are still many, for someone who wishes to do some sightseeing in the island.

Some of the most well-known of them are the Lindos Medieval Castel, the Filerimos Byzantine castle and the Asklipion Medieval Fort.

So now you have 10 ways to have the most interesting summer in the island of Rhodes! Have fun!